This is a small Clock Radio Application, consisting of 2 applescripts and a php script. There is a fourth file, which is the source file for the StartClockRadio application.

Open the ‘StartClockRadio’ application. It will ask you for the time you want to set your alarm to.Clock Radio Screenshot 1

When you’ve done that, a terminal window will open, with the php script running in it.

Ok. Your alarm will work now. But you need to do a few things more.

  1. Set your computer’s volume to the volume of your likings. You can mute it after that. ClockRadio will auto-unmute it.
  2. Open iTunes and pick a playlist of your likings. ClockRadio will play the first song in your playlist (Except if you put shuffle on!). Make sure the music Volume in iTunes is set so you can hear it. You can quit iTunes now.
  3. make sure your Mac stays awake! Switch the sleep mode off or use a program like ‘caffeine’ to keep your mac alert 🙂

This program will work on Mac OSX 10.4 and later.

you can download the .zip file here


2 Responses to “iTunes Clock Radio”

  1. digihash Says:

    The link to the zip file doesn’t work anymore.

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