HTML5 YouTube

August 4, 2013

As you could already read in the past, I’ve been experimenting with Flash Player and YouTube for some time now. The conclusion is: I really don’t like Adobe Flash Player, but i do like to watch my YouTube videos. It turns out YouTube offers HTML5 video’s through their opt-in html5 test program, but not even half of the videos i want to watch are available through that channel. This results in the “Install Flash Player” message almost every time i want to watch a YouTube video.

But then i made a strange discovery: when watching embedded videos, most of them did seem to play in the html5 player! If i then tried to watch them on, they tried to get me to install Flash Player again. Seems like YouTube has a deal with Adobe 🙂 Anyway, i made a GreaseMonkey script to replace the videos with the embed, so that you can always watch them in the html5 player. As a bonus, you get non-autostart for your movies, and no more advertisement movies before you can watch the movie you picked!

Download the GreaseMonkey script here

Good luck!


Gnash Youtube

February 25, 2010

I love to test new GNU/Linux distributions. Some time ago i was playing around with Trisquel GNU/Linux, a very nice linux distro. The main goal of that distribution is to have ONLY free software in there, and to have a complete and good OS at the same time.

Now, as we all know, flash is a big issue on Linux systems. The complete open solution to play flash videos is Gnash, the GNU flash player. That is also the flash player you can install on Trisquel. I had some problems viewing youtube videos though, but i found out that the embed player did work! So i made a greasemonkey script to replace the default youtube video player by the ’embed’ player. here it is:

click here for the script (version1)
click here for the script (version2)
click here for the git repository

You’ll need Firefox, IceCat or IceWeasel (completely free versions of Firefox) or Abrowser (UI-stripped and completely Free Software version of Firefox) with the add-on ‘GreaseMonkey‘ for this to work.