HTML5 YouTube

August 4, 2013

As you could already read in the past, I’ve been experimenting with Flash Player and YouTube for some time now. The conclusion is: I really don’t like Adobe Flash Player, but i do like to watch my YouTube videos. It turns out YouTube offers HTML5 video’s through their opt-in html5 test program, but not even half of the videos i want to watch are available through that channel. This results in the “Install Flash Player” message almost every time i want to watch a YouTube video.

But then i made a strange discovery: when watching embedded videos, most of them did seem to play in the html5 player! If i then tried to watch them on, they tried to get me to install Flash Player again. Seems like YouTube has a deal with Adobe 🙂 Anyway, i made a GreaseMonkey script to replace the videos with the embed, so that you can always watch them in the html5 player. As a bonus, you get non-autostart for your movies, and no more advertisement movies before you can watch the movie you picked!

Download the GreaseMonkey script here

Good luck!


4 Responses to “HTML5 YouTube”

  1. digihash Says:

    This script also works very good in the tampermonkey plugin in Chrome

  2. Philippe Says:

    The non-autostart function makes some video crash, it begins to start then stops then crashes.
    Could you do a version of your script without it?

  3. Philippe Says:

    First, I might know nothing about programming (that is not the case but it might have been).
    Second, sorry, I don’t see anything in the script that do that, I just don’t understand what stop the video.
    Third, I didn’t told about it only for me, I think I might not be the only one to have such crashes, so, that would be nice to have a way to avoid this kind of crash.

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