How to fix a slow Wubi Ubuntu install

January 29, 2013

It’s super easy to install a dual boot with Ubuntu on your computer using Wubi, if you’re on windows. Wubi will create a virtual disk, and install ubuntu on it. Because of this being a virtual disk, some I/O operations run fairly slow, especially when the disk is used for swapping if you’re out of RAM. You can temporarily fix the slowness with the following command. It creates a file of one Gigabyte. By doing this, 1 GB of the virtual disk is allocated. The allocation process is what takes a lot of time, and slows your computer down. When this file is created, you’ll remove it, and free up 1 GB of allocated space on the virtual disk.

dd if=/dev/zero of=1000M.bin bs=1000000000 count=1

then, to remove the file:
rm 1000M.bin

And you’re done, enjoy your Wubi install



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