“I have nothing to hide”

December 31, 2012

Just for the record, almost every time i have a discussion about privacy, the other party comes with this argument.

“I have nothing to hide, i’m not a criminal, …”

This is a non-argument.

My reaction always goes like this:


And then usually i give them some of these questions to think about:

  1. “Do you have curtains on your windows at home? why?”
  2. “Would you like your employer or assurance company to know you were super-drunk yesterday and drove home in your car? Maybe toss some pictures in of you at the party?”
  3. “Would you give your credit card data, or your address, or your girlfriend’s name, or your vacation photos to a random stranger on the street?”
  4. “Would you happily tell your government you’re a ‘hacker’, you attend sessions in the local hackerspace and you go to security conferences?” (Even if you legally do nothing wrong, the term hacker can get you in a difficult position)
  5. “Can i bring my video recorder to your bedroom tonight when you bring the action with your girlfriend?”

I must admit, the last one doesn’t work quite well with everyone, but overall these questions make people come to the conclusion that they certainly do want privacy.

That at least takes that stupid argument off the table.



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