Surviving when you HAVE to develop on Windows OS (part 3)

October 21, 2012

As you could read in my previous posts about this topic, you know that i have to code on a windows computer. I just recently changed my setup for the better.

– I installed the latest firefox and chrome browsers.

– In firefox, i installed the following plugins: Firebug, Ghostery, FireFTP, FireSSH, PDF Viewer (pdf.js), and HttpFox. These let me do a lot of work easily from my browser instead of from an extra piece of software i would have to install.

– I installed the Thunderbird mail client with DavMail, to support the Exchange mail and contacts server, and i added Lightning addon for calendar support.

– Really important, for developers, is their text editor or their IDE. I chose Sublime Text 2, the multi-platform, genious text editor. This means Productivity times 10 for me.

– Furthermore, i installed the official Git package for windows, which includes Git Bash and Git Gui. Git Bash then includes a MingW console, which is really cool and owns the cmd.exe console big time (you can do unix-style commands like cd, ls -al, vim, and others).

– Last but not least, the Gimp image editor is also there.

As you can see, i’m naturally still trying to use as much free software as possible, but it’s not always easy. For instance, finding a (gui) text-editor like sublime text 2 is quasi impossible.

That’s it 🙂



One Response to “Surviving when you HAVE to develop on Windows OS (part 3)”

  1. For quickly setting up a new windows machine I usually point people to Ninite. If you come from unix land, cygwin is a must have (the installer doubles as a package manager). I wonder if any of other package managers targetting windows are worth the effort – Lifehacker covered npackd a while ago.

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