FFMPEG on OSX without compiling or Fink/MacPorts

January 26, 2012

I’m a huge fan of ffmpeg, as you know from my previous posts about it. Before this day, i always used one of my linux boxes or virtual machines to use ffmpeg. Not anymore! I found a way to get ffmpeg on your mac very easily.

1. Download the FFMPEGX package from here.

2. Mount the disk image (.dmg file).

3. Right Click The FFMPEGX app in the dmg file, and click ‘Show Contents’.

4. Navigate to 'Contents' > 'Resources'.

5. Copy the ‘ffmpeg’ program, paste it into your Applications folder.

6. Boom! Ready to go! Try typing /Applications/ffmpeg in your terminal. For other commands, check my previous posts about ffmpeg.

Attention: the ‘libmp3lame‘ encoder does not exist in this particular OSX build, use ‘mp3‘ instead.

PS: on iFFmpeg’s site, they link to some other websites where you can get more recent builds of FFmpeg. This is highly suggested, because the package bundeled with ffmpegx is old and doesn’t have WAV, H264 and a hole lot of other codecs, but the newer packages have.
PPS: iffmpeg’s site seems to be down once every so often, so i’ll put the link here: ffmpeg binaries

That’s it 🙂 Happy Encoding!


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