Trisquel 5.0 Gnome Problem on Login

November 22, 2011

After installing Trisquel 5.0 GNU/Linux, i noticed the sweet GNOME theme they made stops working 1 minute or so after Logging in. You just see some standard GNOME icons, panels and menus, and all the beautiness of the interface is gone.

I thought that really sucked, so a few weeks ago i started looking around for a solution. Of course i found one the same day.

The menus and GNOME panels can be fixed by relaunching gnome-settings-daemon. Open a terminal and type this:
sudo gnome-settings-daemon

After this your desktop icons will still look terrible. Fix them by force restarting nautilus.
killall nautilus

That’s it, you’re back to that beautiful Trisquel GNU/Linux Desktop 🙂

Regards Toon


One Response to “Trisquel 5.0 Gnome Problem on Login”

  1. JOhn Says:

    that really saved my system!
    Thank you very MUCH!

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