Firefox Safe Mode

November 22, 2011

Yesterday, Firefox was giving me headaches.
I was just working away, with 20 or more tabs open. Suddenly the browser just quit and shouted out a warning message to tell me it crashed. When i tried to relaunch it, the ‘restore tabs’ window showed, and the browser crashed again two seconds after that. This behaviour was repeated everytime i restarted Firefox, even after a reboot of OSX.

I grew tired of trying and googled if Firefox had a safe mode, and YES! it has one.
On Mac OSX, start Firefox while holding the alt or option button.
On GNU/Linux, open a terminal and type firefox -safe-mode
You’ll get a window giving you some options. i chose ‘disable add-ons’.
(this also works on the free browser ‘Abrowser’ on Trisquel GNU/Linux)

After some goofing around, it seemed there was an error in the ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ add-on, i uninstalled it, and everything was back to normal. Installed the add-on again, and it still works.

Great! another problem solved…
Thanks Mozilla, for building a Safe Mode into your applications 🙂


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