List of handy network tools for UNIX-like systems

September 26, 2011

Lately i was tinkering a bit on my local area network. These are the commands i used (they will work on Mac OSX as well as on GNU/Linux):

– to see/edit network interface settings

– to see if a host is reachable, and with how much latency. can also be replaced by an ip address.

– to see which and how many hops are between you and the server you’re pinging.

– show network status (initiated connections)

lsof -i
– show open network sockets

tcpdump -i en0 -w capturefile.pcap -s0
– capture all network traffic on the en0 interface, save in capturefile.pcap. without the -w option, you can monitor the data live.

arp -a
– list all hosts on the local network, currently seen by your client, with ip and MAC addresses

– do a dns request for

ssh user@hostname
– login to a remote host via a secure shell

scp user@hostname:/home/user/example.txt /home/me/Desktop/
scp /home/me/Desktop/example2.txt user@hostname:/home/user/
– copy the file example.txt on the remote host to my desktop on the local client over ssh.
– copy the file example2.txt on the local machine to the remote host over ssh.

that’s it for now 🙂


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