Surviving when you HAVE to develop on Windows OS (part 2)

June 23, 2011

Just wanted to add some things to my previous post.
As you could already read, i’m trying to survive using Windows OS while developing. I’m doing this by installing as much Free Software (Free as in Speech AND as in Beer) as i need to do my job.

This week i had to install some extra software packages to survive Windows Hell.

First off with two Firefox Add-Ons.
Firebug, the ultimate DOM/CSS inspector and javascript tool for web developers using firefox. It comes in handy for example when you’re trying to write CSS stylesheets for complicated websites.

Next up, also comes in handy when writing CSS: a color picker for the browser. ColorZilla is what i used. it’s not a very sleek looking tool but it does a good job picking colors 😉

Also, for all my image editing needs, i installed the GIMP, my favourite image editing tool. As you can tell from this list: i was doing a lot of graphical things this week, which i don’t really enjoy, but it’s part of the job.

Last but not least: i needed a packet inspector, so i downloaded WireShark, the most detailed graphical packet inspector out there.

That’s how i survived this week (along with all items from my last post)
(all of these also work on gnu/linux and mac osx systems)



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