February 26, 2010

A few days ago i created a nice ASCII art php script. I was taking a break from work and i was looking around on the internet for nice ascii art. I saw a wegpage where someone let a script create stars of a certain magnitude. I made a command line script that does the same thing for fun.

for input 1, it gives you this:


for input 2, it gives you this:

etc… it’s quite fun šŸ™‚

you find the script here

to run it, remove the .txt from the end of the filename, open a terminal, and then type this:

php Desktop/stars.php 3

ofcourse, change ‘Desktop’ to the dir where you put it. instead of the 3 type any number below 10

you will need php-cli installed to run this. (installed on Mac OSX by default)


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